Lincoln County School District has an abundance of volunteers who bring their enthusiasm, ideas, and expertise into our schools each day. Parents, grandparents, and community volunteers have long been essential figures in our schools by sharing their time and talents with students and lending a helping hand to teachers and school staff.  Our volunteers help in countless ways and there are many reasons to get involved!

Complete each step listed below. Please note there may be delays in processing your background check if you have not completed both your application and online orientation. If you have questions or need 1-to-1 assistance with your application or online orientation you can contact or make an in-person appointment with the volunteer coordinator. See contact information and booking link at the bottom of this page.

Step 1 – Application

Online Volunteer Application & Criminal History Verification

Step 2 – Online Volunteer Training

New First-Time User Returning User

Step 3 – Review Volunteer Guidelines & Code of Conduct

For further help, contact:

Blake Hagan
Volunteer Coordinator
541-265-9211 ext. 448
Booking Calendar

LCSD Volunteer Facebook Page