Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

Empowering all students every day to realize their full potential for living the future life as they imagine.

Mission Statement

Relentlessly committed to ensuring that all students learn the critical reading and thinking skills needed to be educated, healthy, and resilient people that graduate with future options and the ability to achieve their dreams.

Strategic Plan Goals 2020-2025

GOAL ONE: Demonstrate High Expectations For Student Achievement By Supporting an Equitable Education Framework.

GOAL TWO: LCSD is a Convener and Influencer of City, County and State Education and Economic Policies.

GOAL THREE: LCSD will provide for the Health and Welfare of our Facilities.

GOAL FOUR: LCSD will Identify the Need and Development of a LCSD Political Action Committee for a possible 2026 Bond election. 

GOAL FIVE: Enhanced Communications and Community Engagement

Download the Full Details of the Board’s Strategic Plan below:

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2023-2024 Continuous Improvement Plan

2023-2024 Plan de Mejora Continua en español