Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

Empowering all students every day to realize their full potential for living the future life as they imagine.

Mission Statement

Relentlessly committed to ensuring that all students learn the critical reading and thinking skills needed to be educated, healthy, and resilient people that graduate with future options and the ability to achieve their dreams.

Strategic Plan Goals 2020-2025

GOAL ONE: Enhanced Communications and Community Engagement.
LCSD will enhance the ways in which it communicates with community stakeholders and increase the engagement of various community groups by connecting schools, families and partners county wide.

GOAL TWO: LCSD is a Convener and Influencer of City, County and State Education and Economic Policies.
LCSD will convene at least one county wide partnership gathering per year in order to connect Lincoln County elected people, organizations and agencies in order to create partnerships that benefit our students and families throughout the community.

GOAL THREE: LCSD will provide for the Health and Welfare of our Facilities.
LCSD will continue to assess, monitor, and enhance all of its facilities and grounds such that every school is warm, safe and welcoming to all students, families and communities and learning experiences are supported in the healthiest environments possible.

GOAL FOUR: LCSD will Identify the Need and Development of a LCSD Foundation (501 c 3).
LCSD will investigate the development of a LCSD Foundation for the purposes of creating a funding source for valued activities we currently cannot pay for through the general fund such as art, music, theater, middle school athletics, some field trips, and other items desired by our teachers and staff. Feasibility, costs and sustainability will be investigated.

GOAL FIVE: Demonstrate High Expectations For Student Achievement By Supporting an Equitable Education Framework.
ALL LCSD students will demonstrate continuous academic and behavioral growth and achievement as demonstrated by the indicators below. LCSD will strive to create equitable classrooms across the district within a framework of excellence in education.

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Continuous Improvement Plan