Starting Monday, September 14, LCSD will offer two models of education for our students:

  1. Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). Students will access learning online with their LCSD teachers daily, with materials for activities provided as needed. CDL this fall is more robust, has more accountability, and more in-depth educational requirements than the Distance Learning we provided in spring. Student work will be graded, attendance will be taken, and teachers will provide daily instruction from their classroom. Teachers will meet in-person with students and families during the first two weeks of school to orient them to the CDL program and will continue to regularly connect with students and families.
  2. K-12 Online Edmentum Program (new). This program is self-paced and does not have a connection with an LCSD teacher. The framework is K-12 and follows all Oregon Standards for Education. The LCSD E-Learning Handbook provides detailed information about this program.

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