Board of Directors

Budget Committee Vacancies (Zone 1, 2, 3)

The Budget Committee for LCSD consists of the five school board members and five appointed citizens from each of the five board zones. The budget committee members serve terms of three years in length, which are staggered to allow some continuity on the committee. The school board appoints the other citizens to the Committee.

There are three vacancies on the Committee at present:

  • Zone 1 (Lincoln City area)
  • Zone 2 (Agate Beach to south Lincoln City)
  • Zone 3 (Newport central)

The Zone 1 Vacancy will expire 6/30/20. Zone 2 and 3 vacancies are full three-year terms. Applications will be available on the district website and at the District Administration office in Newport. Applicants must be registered voters, may not be employees of LCSD and must live in the zone to which they are applying.

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(Applications are  due back on January 2, 2018)

Zone 1 – Dave Price

Dave PriceEmail:
Phone:  541-994-4166
Term Expires: 6/30/19

Zone 2 – Liz Martin (Vice Chair)

Liz Martin

Phone: 541-270-1300
Term Expires: 6/30/19

Liz Martin was appointed to the Board in June 2010 and elected to four-year terms in the May 2011 and May 2015 elections. She has two adult children who graduated from Lincoln County Schools. She is an avid school supporter and volunteer.

Zone 3 – Ron Beck

Ron Beck

Phone: 541-265-3314
Term Expires: 6/30/21

Ron Beck was appointed in July 2002 and was last elected to a four-year term in May 2017. He is married with three children, all three of whom have graduated from Lincoln County schools. Ron is an engineer with Central Lincoln PUD.

Zone 4 – Jenny Demaris

Jenny Demaris

Phone: 541-270-0702
Term Expires: 6/30/21

Jenny Demaris was appointed to the Board in mid-June 2017 to finish out the current term, expiring June 30, 2017. She was elected to a four-year term in the May 2017 election. Jenny is an emergency manager for Lincoln County and has two school-aged children.

Zone 5 – Amanda Remund  (Chair)

Amanda Remund

Phone: 541-961-1887
Term Expires: 6/30/21

Amanda Remund was appointed to the Board in March 2015, and elected to the two-year remainder term in the May, 2015 election, and a full four year term in the May 2017 election. She is married with two children. She and her husband have a business in Waldport