Staff Directory

Superintendent Superintendent Dr. Karen Gray
Assistant to Superintendent / Board Rhea Warren
Communications Specialist / Public Information Requests Kristin Bigler
Teaching and Learning Director of Elementary Education Dr. Katie Barrett
Director of Secondary Education / Alternative Education Majalise Tolan
Elementary Teaching and Learning Assistant Gretchen Braxling
Secondary Teaching and Learning Assistant Sherry Fitch
Federal Programs TOSA Susan Roebber
Hispanic Family and Community Coordinator Jesus Hernandez
Early Learning Coordinator Lauren Sigman
Ocean Literacy Liaison: Teacher on Special Assignment Kara Allan
Mentor Program Coordinator/ Teacher Ben Ewing
District Reading Specialist Charlotte Galen
Student Support Services Assistant Superintendent / Charters Administrator Susan Van Liew
Assistant to Director of Student Support Services Sheila Hagan
Special Programs Administrator (Behavior) Kelly Beaudry
Assistant to Special Programs (Behavior) Nancy King
Comprehensive Safe Schools Coordinator (Student Safety) Sue Graves
Juvenile Detention Shelli Johnston
School Attendance Advisors Andrea and Andrew Musick

Human Resources Human Resources Director Tiana Tucker
HR Specialist Jennie Scarborough
Customer Service Coordinator Susie Sproul
Payroll Specialist Sharon Rogers
Benefits Specialist Kori Copp
HR Information Technician Alethea Burn
Business Services Business Services Director Kim Cusick
Business Services Supervisor Carole Kunde
Food Service / Student Body Jamie Nicholson
Grant Accounting Specialist Leslie Doty
Accounts Payable Specialist Theresa Kessi
Accounting Specialist Allison Blodgett
HELP Centers (Homeless Education Literacy Project) McKinney-Vento Liaison and HELP Program Coordinator Katey Townsend
North Area Advocate (Lincoln City Schools) Shelly Kingston
North Area Community Outreach Specialist Amber Swope
East Area Advocate (Toledo, Eddyville, Siletz Schools) Debbie Haverland
East Area Community Outreach Specialist Sheri Adams
West Area Advocate (Newport Schools) TBA
West Area Community Outreach Specialist Helyn Layton
South Area Advocate (Waldport Schools) Rhonda Morrow
South Area Community Outreach Specialist Denise Dean
Youth Engagement Specialist Alexis Shrewsbury
Bilingual Customer Service Coordinator Aracelly Guevara
Special Programs Special Programs Administrator (SpEd, 504, TAG) Stefanie Gould
Assistant to Special Programs Sandy Boles
Occupational Therapist (East) Lynn Scott
Occupational Therapist (North, South, West) Pamela Schindler
Autism Specialist Skye McCloud
Autism Specialist Ryan Stanley
YTP Specialist Patricia Gardner
Adaptive PE Teacher Nikki Holland
Student Services Tech. Asst. Annette Settlemire
Student Records (Special Education) Ellen Hamilton
Nurse / Health Services District Nurse (West Area) Julie Turner
District Nurse (East & South Areas) Kara Joll
District Nurse (North Area) Arika Zimmerman
District Health Assistant Tara Van Duyn
District Health Assistant Emma Beckwith
Technology Services (541-574-5838) Technology Director Vince Dye
Education Technology Coordinator Bryan Freschi 
Student Information Systems Paul Williams
Systems Technician Lee Woolsey
District Tech. Specialist Jeremy Beckner
Tech. Dept. Support Specialist Carol Reed
District Tech. Specialist Tim Meyer
District Tech. Specialist Andy Benson
District Tech. Specialist Chaz Clark
District Library Media Specialist Sudi Stodola
Facilities & Maintenance
(295 NE Burgess, Toledo, OR)
Facilities Director Rich Belloni
Facilities Manager Tim Kaufman
Assistant to Facilities & Maintenance Annette Brooks-Flatt
Custodial / Food / Transportation
(353 NE Burgess, Toledo, OR)
Custodial (Sodexo) 541-336-2394 541-336-2394
Food Services (Sodexo) Patty Graves
Transportation (First Student) Darleen VanRiper
Transportation Liaison Sarah Hibbs
Other LCSD Courier Leon Buel
Student Records Sandy Kaminga