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Compass Employee Recognition Program

Workplace Expectations

All employees in the Lincoln County School District are expected to meet the following work expectations as a basis for continued employment:

Human Resources Team

Tiana DeVries, Human Resources Director, 541-265-4436

  • Licensed and Classified Contracts
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Professional Growth
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Staff Communications

Susie Sproul, Customer Service Coordinator, 541-265-9211

  • Reception/Mail
  • Frontline-Absence Management
  • Substitutes Support
  • New Employee Orientation

Alethea Burn, Human Resources Information Technician, 541-265-4418

  • Web Portal Maintenance / Support
  • Staffing Sheets Maintenance
  • Position Control in iVisions
  • Work Calendar Coordination

Jennie Williams, HR Specialist, 265-4422

  • Frontline: Professional Growth, Central, Recruiting and Hiring, Absence Management
    Safe Schools
  • PD 40s and PD 50s
  • PARs-Certified and Classified
  • SAIF/Workers Comp Issues
  • TSPC Info/Questions
  • Leave of Absence Info/Questions
  • Hiring-recruitment, job postings, interviews, onboarding
  • Loan Forgiveness

Allison Blodgett, Payroll Specialist, 541-265-4416

  • Payroll Info/w4’s
  • Payroll Advances
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Contractual Paid/Unpaid Leaves
  • Employment Verifications
  • Unemployment Processing

Amanda Hockema, Benefits Specialist, 541-265-4411

  • Medical and Dental/Vision/Life Insurance
  • Payroll Deductions and Benefits
  • PERS
  • FMLA/OFLA Processing

Theresa Kessi, Benefits and Payroll Specialist, 541-265-9214

  • Sick Leave Bank
  • Substitute Invoicing
  • Payroll and Benefits Reconciliations

Anita Hernandez, Customer Service Coordinator, 541-265-9211

  • Reception/Mail
  • Frontline-Absence Management
  • Substitutes support
  • New Employee Orientation