Teaching and Learning

Stiudents with hands raised

Curriculum / Standards



  • The Great Body Shop (K-8)


  • Ready Math (K-5)
  • Go Math! (6th Grade)


  • Reach for Reading (K-6)


Contact Information

Dr. Katie Barrett
Director of Elementary Education
Email: katie.barrett@lincoln.k12.or.us

Aaron Belloni
Director of Secondary Education
Email: aaron.belloni@lincoln.k12.or.us

Marlene Williams
Elementary Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541-265-4429
Email: marlene.williams@lincoln.k12.or.us

Kendra Wiles
Secondary Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541-265-4400
Email: kendra.wiles@lincoln.k12.or.us

Dr. Ben Ewing
Secondary Mentor TOSA
Phone: 541-265-4414
Email: ben.ewing@lincoln.k12.or.us

Kim Haddon
Federal Programs TOSA
Phone: 541-265-4412
Email: kim.haddon@lincoln.k12.or.us

Diane Wilkinson
Early Learning Coordinator
Phone: 541-270-2456
Email: diane.wilkinson@lincoln.k12.or.us

Jenn Loseke
District Elementary Math TOSA
Phone: 541-265-4435
Email: jenn.loseke@lincoln.k12.or.us

Katie Mason
District Elementary Mentor TOSA
Phone: 541-265-4434
Email: katie.mason@lincoln.k12.or.us

Alisha Powell
District Secondary Math TOSA
Phone: 541-265-4434
Email: alisha.powell@lincoln.k12.or.us