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The HELP Program serves students and families with temporary or inadequate housing. Has your student or family been staying in a shelter, hotel, campground, trailer, substandard housing (mold, no utilities, pests, etc.), or doubled up staying with friends or family due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or natural disasters including fires? Fill out the form below and a member of the HELP program will follow up with resources and information.

HELP Referral form


Who is Eligible?

During the 2020-21 school year, 917 children birth to 12th grade were identified as lacking stable housing in Lincoln County. Included in that number were 773 students in the K-12 schools which accounts for 15% of the student population. These students were eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act that helps them stay in school and succeed.

A student and/or their family are considered eligible for the HELP Program if they are living:

  • In an emergency or transitional shelter
  • In a motel or hotel
  • In cars, campgrounds, RV parks, or inadequate housing (lack of utilities, infestation of pests, mold, etc.)
  • With relatives, friends or others temporarily due to economic hardship, loss of housing or a similar reason

due to a lack of alternative accommodations.

What the Program Provides

The HELP Program works with students and/or their family to eliminate the barriers related to school attendance and success. The program can provide:

  • Assistance with school fees
  • Access to free meal programs
  • School supplies
  • Access to donated school clothes
  • Information/help with internet resources
  • Information/help with transportation
  • After-school programs
  • Tutoring and homework help
  • Early childhood and parent programs
  • Referrals to numerous community resources


HELP Coordinator

Woody Crobar
Phone: 541-265-9418

North Area Advocate (Lincoln City Schools)

Tracy Berry
Phone: 541-996-4878

South Area Advocate (Waldport Schools)

Bree Smith
Student Advocate
Phone: 541-563-8584

East Area Advocate (Toledo, Eddyville, Siletz Schools)

Debbie Haverland
Phone: 541-336-4357

Chloe Hutchison (Teen Programs)
Phone: 541-336-4357

West Area Advocate (Newport Schools)

Cristy Camacho
Phone: 541-574-5824

Helyn Layton (Teen Programs)
Phone: 541-574-7637

Bilingual Advocates

Lili Munoz (East, West and South)
Cell Phone: 541-270-3816
Office Phone: 541-574-7637

Jazmin Aguilar (North)
Phone: 541-996-4878

Bilingual Customer Service Coordinator

Aracelly Guevara
Phone: 541-574-7638

Resource Advocate

Phone: 541-574-7638

HELP Centers

There are four HELP Centers that provide resources and educational programs to all students:

Contact the local HELP advocate for information on hours and programs at each site.

Volunteer Opportunities (On Hold)

*** We are not accepting new applications to volunteer until further notice. Please check back later in the school year. ***

In order to maximize support and services to our students, volunteers are needed at the HELP Centers. We have a variety of opportunities to fit the schedules and interests of our community volunteers.

  • Tutors & Homework Helpers
  • LIFT Buddies (Early Childhood/Parent Program)
  • Collect/organize resource donations
  • Backpack Program volunteers (Toledo/Eddyville)
  • Read & Feed
  • Job opportunities for youth (JOY) – Job shadows and guest speakers
  • Teach a class or a workshop
  • General support
  • Special events & fundraising

Become a Volunteer

HELP Next Level Trainings

Donate Online

If you would like to donate to the HELP Program, please visit the link below (First, select District Office, then select HELP Program.):

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