Technology Resources

Student Rights and Responsibilities For School-Issued Electronic Devices

  • Any device or accessory assigned to students remains the property of LCSD and must be returned in good working condition when requested or when withdrawing from the school.
  • The location of devices is trackable at school and outside of school.
  • Use of devices in school and at home is subject to all applicable LCSD policies and regulations.
  • The device is intended primarily for educational purposes; all internet use on devices is filtered inside and outside of school.
  • Students will not willfully bypass district imposed restrictions at any time.
  • LCSD reserves the right to search the contents of any device if there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate content.
  • Individuals are responsible for ensuring the device’s battery is charged daily.
  • Students must not disassemble devices or attempt any repairs.
  • In case of theft, vandalism, breakage or any other event that disables a device, create a service ticket via this link.

Student Fees, Fines and Charges

The following student fees, fines and charges apply per LCSD policy JN:

  • Technology Fee – $15 per student technology fee due at registration
  • Lost Device/Charger – Students will be charged the full price of a device or charger that is lost or stolen, or is not returned after withdrawal (up to $300). If the device is recovered, the fee will be removed.
  • Damage – Students can be charged between $30 and the full cost of the device or charger (up to $300) per incident and a major referral.

Personal Electronics & Social Media

Technology Help

Chromebook Support

The Lincoln County School District offers a Chromebook to every student that enrolls to enhance their learning. For grades K-6, the Chromebook stays in the classroom at all times, but is assigned to the student for daily use. Grades 7-12 are assigned a Chromebook and a charger, and they are responsible for taking it home after school, and then bringing it back to school, fully charged and ready to be used in their classes.

Summer, Winter, and Spring Break

Chromebook Monitoring Over Break – December 12, 2022 Letter to the Community

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