Technology Resources


The objective at this time is to provide every student a Chromebook to use at home until full-time in the classroom learning resumes.  Please contact your school to determine how to receive a Chromebook for your student.

These links provide useful information when working with a Chromebook at home:

Student Rights and Responsibilities For School-Issued Electronic Devices

  • Any device or accessory assigned to students remains the property of LCSD and must be returned in good working condition when requested or when withdrawing from the school.
  • The location of devices is trackable at school and outside of school.
  • Use of devices in school and at home is subject to all applicable LCSD policies and regulations.
  • The device is intended primarily for educational purposes; all internet use on devices is filtered inside and outside of school.
  • Students will not willfully bypass district imposed restrictions at any time.
  • LCSD reserves the right to search the contents of any device if there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate content.
  • Individuals are responsible for ensuring the device’s battery is charged daily.
  • Students must not disassemble devices or attempt any repairs.
  • In case of theft, vandalism, breakage or any other event that disables a device, create a service ticket via this link.

Student Fees, Fines and Charges:

The following student fees, fines and charges may apply per LCSD policy JN:

  • $15 per student technology fee due at registration.
  • $100 charge if a student does not return the device when he/she withdraws or graduates. When the device is returned the fee will be removed.
  • $20 charge for removal of device covers when it was issued with a cover.
  • $30 minimum and up to $100 maximum charge per incident and a major referral if a student intentionally damages a device.