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Federal American Rescue Plan Act aka Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund III

Lincoln County School District has been allocated $12,990,415 from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act. The district is focusing its use of these funds on both addressing unfinished learning, especially among underrepresented student groups, and on addressing student health and safety needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic. This will include maintaining safe in-person learning and addressing students’ social, emotional and mental health. The district will provide targeted interventions and supports, an online school staffed by LCSD teachers for those students who are unable to attend in-person or need an online credit recovery option, and the technology necessary to provide learning opportunities for quarantined students as well as supporting in-person learning strategies.

The District will also use some funds to build culturally appropriate media collections to support our Hispanic population, encouraging them to engage in reading and learning outside of the school day with materials in their native language.

Capital projects include the construction of a $3 million gymnasium at Yaquina View and a $2 million covered grandstand at Newport High School. Yaquina View will now have adequate space for PE classes, indoor recess, and grade-level or community activities. Newport High will have a covered outdoor space that can be used for classes, meals, and school-wide or community gatherings. Both projects will allow more activities to return to the schools safely under a range of distancing and sanitation requirements.

The District will measure the effectiveness of this investment for students by using our existing Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) processes to monitor student progress data and determine and provide the appropriate interventions and supports. LCSD will continue to engage the community through listening sessions and surveys as well as ongoing progress updates and communications from Superintendent Dr. Karen Gary in order to inform our decisions.

Please see the District’s Integrated Planning Tool for details of the plan. These funds are available for expenditure through September 30, 2024. Budgeted amounts are estimates of the costs at this time and do not include the total amount of funds allocated. The plan will be adjusted as needed using staff, student and community feedback as the programs develop and progress.

Student Success Act

The Student Investment Account (SIA) Plan was approved by the Board at the March 31, 2020 Board Session. SIA allocations were reduced statewide due to a decrease in anticipated revenues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SIA plan has been revised to align with the dollars being received. All items in the revised plan were chosen from expenditures already approved in the original plan.

The revised plan was approved by the Board at the October 13, 2020 Board Session.

Due to increased state funding for the Student Success Act in 2021-22, Lincoln County School District’s allocation was increased to $4,323,881.14 for the second year of the grant. This allowed the district to more fully implement the original plan.

Lincoln County School District was awarded $4,406,173.26 for year three of the grant in 2022-23. This represents an approximate 2% increase which should cover most staffing contractual costs. The district will continue to implement the original plan with these funds.

Division 22 Assurances

As required by OAR 581-022-2305 Compliance and Reporting on Standards, all Oregon school districts must report to their respective communities as to the district’s status with regards to the state standards.

LCSD Integrated Guidance Plan 2023

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

Physical Restraint & Seclusion

Local Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment

Triennial Assessment

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