Weather Closures

Weather-Related School Closures

Emergency WeatherDepending on the situation and timing, and if power outages and internet services do not interfere, we hope to be able to make several notifications first thing in the morning, at around 6:30 AM, such as:

  • Notifying local radio stations and major Portland TV news stations.
  • Recording a message on our District 24-hour Information Line: 541-265-4437.
  • Updating the School District website, District Facebook page, and FlashAlert.
  • And, a text message may be sent to our parents/guardians’ primary phone number or email on file.

NOTE: Lincoln County is a large geographic area. Isolated inclement weather situations affect some areas while others may be unaffected. However, the entire school district usually closes if it unsafe for buses to run in any region of our county.

  • If announcements are not on local radio, the 24-hour Information Line, or the LCSD website, the First Student Bus Company will typically run their regular routes, and schools will typically operate on their regular schedules.
  • Power outages and/or downed power lines may make internet access and phone messaging systems unavailable.

Please also see our Safety & Emergency Preparedness page for other emergency information.

Bus Snow Routes

LCSD Snow Routes 2020-2021