EveryOne:1 Program

Beginning in fall 2019, students in grades 2 through 12 will be assigned their own Chromebook. Through the EveryOne:1 program, the district will be very close to providing every student, everyday access to technology that contributes to them being future ready. Grade 9-12 students are going to be allowed to take the Chromebook home and keep it during the summer.

The Lincoln County School District will be collecting a $15 technology fee at registration which will support the ongoing maintenance of the nearly 5,000 devices. The Chromebook has an 11″ screen and functions as a laptop.

More information about technology in LCSD and these specific programs will be posted on the website in the near future. Currently, high school students should expect a survey to determine eligibility for the hotspots.

Fees may be paid online or at the school (cash, check, or card) any time prior to the first day of school. Please, contact your school if you have questions regarding fee payment. Per board policy JN, no student will be denied their education because of his/her inability to pay supplementary fees.