Update from Dr. Karen Gray – March 26, 2020

Update from Dr. Karen Gray – March 26, 2020

Posted on March 26, 2020

Dear Lincoln County School District Staff, Parents/Guardians and Community,

This message is an update about our school district on several important topics. I have attempted to provide our staff, families and community with as much information as possible knowing that certain things are still not yet known. I hope that everyone has had some fun with family and that you have taken some time to read books and do puzzles. Enjoy this time while you can (and have to) because we will be back at it at some point and as busy as ever. I wish we had this time under very different circumstances. Here goes:

  1. A reminder: Our schools are closed through April 28. That includes our play yards and fields, gyms and workout rooms. Signs are posted.
  2. As the coronavirus situation continues to develop, we are looking at a number of ways to deliver the best possible experiences for students during the extended break, and we want to make sure all of our students can remain connected to their peers, teachers, and schools and have regular access to supplemental learning opportunities and materials. Starting April 1, to extend the take home opportunity beyond the current grade 9-12 students, households can now borrow a Chromebook from LCSD for grade K-8 students. Please complete this form if your household needs to borrow a Chromebook.  Limit of one Chromebook per household beyond 9-12.
  3. The Meals on the Bus Program goes back to Monday through Friday starting again Monday March 30 for the foreseeable future. The consolidated new bus routes are working well along with the new bus times. We are giving out between 2600 and 3000 plus meal boxes (each containing 3 meals for the day) per day to our students and families. Please thank a meal prep and delivery person when you see them!
  4. We still have no answers from the Oregon Department of Education as to the new Graduation Requirements nor answers to our questions regarding Dual College Credits. As soon as we have guidance from ODE we will tell you about it immediately.
  5. Supplemental Education and Learning Supports or, here it comes….new acronym…SEALS. This is our process:
    • Monday March 30: Administrators meet to finish their planning conversations. All K-6 grade SEALS will be the same by grade band across the district. Some will be education online, some with learning applications and some paper and pencil. The ways you can have access to the paper and pencil work and online work will be coming out Monday afternoon March 30. The actual SEALS work comes out April 1. Stay tuned.
    • Tuesday March 31: Teaching and learning support staff will be working (either on the site following the number and distance rules) or online at home, getting the SEALS work ready for the kids. We will be preparing supplemental learning work to last a week at a time. None of it is turned in. It is meant to supplement our regular rigourous education. It is ungraded and uncredited and it is provided in order to keep kids engaged in learning.
    • Wednesday April 1: Supplemental Learning work is ready for kids K-12. This is not the same as our regular education. It is supplemental only. This work is also for ALL students including those with special abilities, English language emergent and others. Stay tuned for more details on this SEALS work.
  6. NEWS: Making Personal Protective Equipment medical face shields for our local hospital. Some of our Career Technical Education staff and students are working with Oregon Coast Community College and Samaritan Health Services creating medical facial shields that meet the specifications for the hospital by using their 3D printers. We got the 3D printers from our partners from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Trust. This work has been spearheaded by Taft HS teacher Noah Lambie and Lindsey Johnson from Oregon Coast Community College. GO LCSD!


Please continue to stay home as much as possible and to do all the things you have been asked to do like social distancing, washing your hands, staying away from crowds, etc.

I offer a piece of wisdom: Don’t spend all day watching the news! Pick one news station you like and LIMIT your watching. Facts Not Fear.

Your next LCSD Communication comes out Monday March 30, 2020 and it will have its focus on the Supplemental Education and Learning Supports or new acronym, SEALS. We love seals on the coast!

Stay well, breathe in and out mindfully, and stay healthy!

Karen Gray

Este mensaje es una actualización sobre nuestro distrito escolar sobre varios temas importantes.

Un recordatorio: nuestras escuelas están cerradas hasta el 28 de abril. Eso incluye nuestros patios y campos de juego, gimnasios y salas de ejercicios. Se colocan carteles.

A medida que la situación del coronavirus continúa desarrollándose, estamos buscando una serie de formas de ofrecer las mejores experiencias posibles para los estudiantes durante el descanso prolongado, y queremos asegurarnos de que todos nuestros estudiantes puedan permanecer conectados con sus compañeros, maestros y escuelas. y tener acceso regular a oportunidades y materiales de aprendizaje complementarios. A partir del 1 de abril, para extender la oportunidad de llevar a casa más allá de los estudiantes actuales de los grados 9-12, los hogares ahora pueden pedir prestado un Chromebook de LCSD para estudiantes de grados K-8. Complete este formulario si su hogar necesita un Chromebook prestado. Límite de una Chromebook por hogar más allá de 9-12.

El Programa de comidas en el autobús se remonta de lunes a viernes a partir del lunes 30 de marzo en el futuro previsible. Las nuevas rutas consolidadas de autobuses están funcionando bien junto con los nuevos horarios de autobuses. Estamos entregando entre 2600 y 3000 más cajas de comida (cada una con 3 comidas por día) por día a nuestros estudiantes y familias. ¡Agradezca a un preparador de comidas y a un repartidor cuando los vea!

Todavía no tenemos respuestas del Departamento de Educación de Oregón en cuanto a los nuevos requisitos de graduación ni respuestas a nuestras preguntas sobre créditos universitarios duales. Tan pronto como tengamos orientación de ODE, se lo informaremos de inmediato.

Apoyos suplementarios de educación y aprendizaje o, aquí viene … nuevo acrónimo … SELLOS. Este es nuestro proceso:

Lunes 30 de marzo: los administradores se reúnen para finalizar sus conversaciones de planificación. Todos los SEALS de grado K-6 serán iguales por banda de grado en todo el distrito. Algunos serán de educación en línea, otros con aplicaciones de aprendizaje y otros con papel y lápiz. Las formas en que puede tener acceso al trabajo en papel y lápiz y al trabajo en línea saldrán el lunes por la tarde el 30 de marzo. El trabajo real de SEALS saldrá el 1 de abril. Estén atentos.

Martes 31 de marzo: El personal de apoyo para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje trabajará (ya sea en el sitio siguiendo las reglas de número y distancia) o en línea en casa, preparando a los SEALS para que los niños trabajen. Estaremos preparando un trabajo de aprendizaje complementario para durar una semana a la vez. Nada de esto se entrega. Está destinado a complementar nuestra educación rigurosa regular. No está calificado ni acreditado y se proporciona para mantener a los niños interesados ​​en el aprendizaje.

Miércoles 1 de abril: El trabajo de Aprendizaje Suplementario está listo para niños de K-12. Esto no es lo mismo que nuestra educación regular. Es solo suplementario. Este trabajo también es para TODOS los estudiantes, incluidos aquellos con habilidades especiales, emergentes del idioma inglés y otros. Estén atentos para más detalles sobre este trabajo de SEALS.

Karen Gray