Tim Meyer of the Tech Department Named Lincoln County School District Classified of the Year

Tim Meyer of the Tech Department Named Lincoln County School District Classified of the Year

Posted on June 6, 2019

As part of the Compass Employee Recognition-2018-19

Classified of the Year-West Tim Meyer of the LCSD Tech Department was honored today with a certificate, letter of recognition and the choice of multiple hats to wear!


Praise for Tim Meyer:


  • Tim goes above and beyond what is needed, working to help others, teachers, classified staff, He has taken on the responsibility of Network Technician, while we waited to fill the position. He is now doing the job of 3 people, working overtime and doing everything he can to make sure that Lincoln County School District is in top form and running smoothly in all areas. He has knowledge, motivation, customer service and always does it with a smile and a “no problem” ..Not only that he’s a pleasure to have as a co-worker. He hasn’t even missed a day of work in over a year. He’s really the definition of a loyal, responsible employee.


  • I would like to second the nomination of Tim Meyer for classified employee of the year. He is a computer wiz. He is always polite, professional and has a great sense of humor. He analyses and fixes computer problems quickly. He is thorough and listens to your concerns and helps mitigate whatever issues you may be having.


  • Tim Meyer has demonstrated a high level of commitment, effectiveness, and efficiency in the performance of his professional responsibilities or work-related duties. He demonstrates service excellence in the Lincoln County School District.


  • Tim us unfailingly kind and helpful. He responds promptly to requests and is good at explaining what he’s doing while he does it. He never makes you feel like an idiot for not being able to fix your own problem but is willing to provide guidance if you’re interested in learning how you might fix it for yourself next time. He does all of this even though he is super crazy busy!


  • Tim the nicest tech support person I have ever worked with. He works efficiently, respectfully, and always has a good attitude. He has gone above and beyond helping to keep up with the many tech needs across the district especially with the shortage of tech staff this year. He is known and well-liked district-wide. I believe all of LCSD would agree that he is very deserving of the Classified of the Year award.


  • Tim is wonderful. He is intelligent, has an incredible work ethic and is always quick to help. He is always appreciated.


  • Even though it’s been a difficult year for tech (with the loss of two of the three mobile techies) Tim has been here for us! We, in the nursing department, absolutely love Tim! He always comes in to check on us when he’s at the District office, always friendly, and fixes our problems quickly! Tim deserves classified staff of the year because he works hard, and smiles while he’s doing it!


  • This is individual is an exceptional example of the professional.

Thank you for all you do, Tim! PS Tim is a Toldeo Jr. Sr. High Graduate! Go, Boomers!

Tim Meyer wearing multiple hats