Art Deco Building Transformed Into New LCSD Compass Center for Youth and Families

Art Deco Building Transformed Into New LCSD Compass Center for Youth and Families

Posted on May 10, 2019

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Support Services Provided Centrally for Lincoln County School District Youth


The former Bank of Newport building, which was built in the 1930s and leased in the 1970s by the Lincoln County School District for their District Office has been transformed into the new LCSD Compass Center for Youth and Families. The building will now be the hub of services offered to support youth and families, especially those who are the most vulnerable of our population.


Staff at the Compass Center include specialists from the Linn-Benton-Lincoln Educational Service District who contract with LCSD for services such as vision services, autism facilitation, behavior consults, a youth transition program, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The downstairs includes a classroom for the Learning is Fun Together (LIFT) for Newport. It also serves as the Newport HELP Center. Advocates for the Newport area Homeless Education and Literacy Project provide for the basic needs and resources to support kids going to school including tutoring, and Job Opportunities for Youth (JOY) career readiness, a clothes closet, and an after-school program for migrant students. The Hispanic Family Liaison will continue to have her office at the Compass Center to assist families.


Additional staff includes all of the District Nurse staff and the Communications Specialist.


“The name Compass Center is fitting as we guide youth and families to resources offered by Lincoln County School District and in our coastal community,” shared Katey Townsend, HELP Program Coordinator.


“We were excited for the opportunity to redesign the District Office into space to provide direct services to families. We look forward to building community partnerships to support the vision of a robust student and family resource center,” added Lauren Sigman, Early Learning Coordinator.


This fall the center will also include a member from Americorps VISTA program who will be charged with connecting community partners, and building capacity to support students attending schools, including volunteer coordination. The LCSD pays half the salary for the position while the grant from Americorps matches for a full-time 365-day position starting in 2019-20. This position will be posted on the LCSD website careers section and will be a bi-lingual opportunity.


Building hours and services vary. Public interested in services to support their students should contact Newport HELP Center 541-574-5824 or Learning is Fun Together (LIFT) 541-265-3484 for more information.


Attachments are provided by the Lincoln County Historical Society of the Bank of Newport.