Lincoln County School District At-A-Glance Report Card 2017-2018

Lincoln County School District At-A-Glance Report Card 2017-2018

Posted on October 26, 2018

Interpreting Results of Oregon Report Card for Lincoln County Schools

 The 2017-18 Oregon School and District Report Cards were released to the public this week. The goal for Lincoln County School District remains the same – use the report to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to guide the district in continuous improvement.

Superintendent Dr. Karen Gray summarized that this annual report card issued by the Oregon Department of Education offers a summary of student performance and growth in Lincoln County School District. “As a new Superintendent, I can assure you that we are working hard to understand the essence of the data captured by the At-A-Glance Report Cards as well as other data metrics. We are putting several measures in place to support not only the academic achievement of our students but also help them to interact positively in a social setting. I look forward to seeing the results after my first year of work in the district and to continue to strive to make sure all of our students have the support they need to succeed.”

The main goal of the report cards is to provide parents and educators with clear, meaningful, and relevant information on student learning and growth, as well as overall district performance.

District Goals are in the process of being developed by the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and District Administration. Goals may include: Increase student achievement in reading and math, increase attendance rates and decrease referrals for behavior, become an AVID K-12 school district, and recruit and retain excellent instructors while increasing diversity. The district is also the recipient of Chronic Absenteeism and District Improvement Grants. All of our goals will align K-12 across our vast district. We are also working on a new 3-5 year strategic LCSD plan which will be inclusive of all of these goals.

Links to the Lincoln County School District At-A-Glance Report Cards are available to the public and are currently updated on the district website: Individual schools will send them out to families.