Fall 2020 – FAQs

Q1. How will registration work in August?
Please visit our Registration/Enrollment portion of our website by clicking HERE for more details.

Q2. How will we handle Equity?
This is a huge concern for the district but we are working hard to come up with a way to meet the needs of all of our students. The District’s new Equity Committee begins this Fall.

Q3. How are we going to be dealing with Edmentum? Is 70% acceptable to get credit, will post-tests that need to be proctored be doable?
Administrators and staff will continue to collaborate to utilize Edmentum to its full capacity. Students will need to complete entire courses, including proctored exams and authentically written tasks.

Q4. Is the Food program going to continue as it was last year? Are we going to be able to serve hot meals on the days the kids are not in school?
Meals will still be delivered daily, and we may again make them available via a parking lot pick up system. More information to come on that later. Rest assured that our kids will get their food.

Q5. Will a reduction in enrollment cause a reduction in teaching staff?
No, this is an anomaly year and superintendent’s do not make decisions based on these types of events. We have every intention of seeing the district back up to full strength by the fall of 21/22.

Q6. What will the role of the teachers be during the 9 week period until we start hybrid?
The first 2 weeks will be focused on communication and training. Then for the next 6 to 7 weeks, teachers will be teaching, creating videos/lessons, and checking in on students. Around the 6 to 7 week mark, we will all start evaluating the current COVID environment and how to move forward.

Q7. Are we still able to work on and perfect the materials we created for the end of the previous year?
Absolutely, everything that was previously worked on is still relevant. There is still a great deal of conversation happening around what things will look like as we move forward. However, we are not going to take what you have already started and say you won’t be able to use it, because it was excellent. We want to hear what you want to do and want to have a great deal of flexibility built into this way of teaching “Comprehensive Distance Learning”.

Q8. What is the budget being allocated/paid by the district? Will teachers be responsible for providing and purchasing supplies?
The Federal Government gave the State CARES funding. Our district received 1.5 million dollars in funds to use towards supplies (face shields, barriers, masks, cleaning items, PPE, etc.) and items needed relating to COVID. Everything is paid for by the district, and would never ask teachers to pay.

Q9. How does it work if a teacher contracts COVID, will there be sick leave provided?
In our Reopening Blueprint, we have to have a plan for outbreaks. We will have a plan for what will happen if a student contracts the virus or if a staff member contracts the virus. There are all kinds of specific outbreak protocols we will have in place and ready. For example, if a teacher contracts COVID they would need to be out but teachers will be required to provide two weeks of online lessons for a substitute. We will all need to follow the rules for staying safe (socially distance, wash hands, limit cohort, wear a face covering). HR will be working with employees regarding leaves.

Q10. DFLA seemed to work best for students when parents and teachers worked together to educate the students. Some parents and teachers have traditionally seen education as the responsibility of the educators. What plans does the district have to “sell” the idea of working together during the next year?
This needs to be discussed with the community in a way that they understand that it is different from DLFA. It is a five day a week program. There will be training for all families to show them over time how we will work together with their kids to help them be successful in this environment temporarily. We would like people to see that the partnership is possible. We will want counselors to attend the meetings that teachers set up to offer support, and we will want Title I teachers, ELD teachers, and special education teachers involved. The first 2 weeks are more about connecting with students and families than teaching. Older kids will be motivated by credit. The younger a student is, the harder it will be. We have work to do and a lot of communication.

Q11. What kind of changes will we see in roles for classified?
Educational assistants will support the learning in the classroom, for example, Title I teacher Janna and assistant Gwenn will work together to deliver instruction but in a different way. Instead of going to the classroom to bring kids out, it will be contacting them to participate in an online format. We want assistants working in their normal capacity, remember that this is not Supplemental or DLFA. This is academic instruction and practice, we will still be doing an elementary math adoption.

Q12. Do we have plans to do high school preschool at the start of the year?
Unfortunately no daycare and no preschool. We just got the grant to expand preschool slots and it is going to have to wait. When we roll out a hybrid, the preschool will get rolled out but as of today, I can’t vouch for the safety of the children.

Q13. With households where both parents are district employees and in our household, we go to six different buildings. When we are onsite at work, how are our children supposed to access their education?
Every parent is going to have to figure out how I am going to be able to take care of my children while I am at work and their need to access their education. It may be at 4:00 PM when you come home from work that their school starts. Daycare during the day and start looking at what their teachers did for an hour and a half.

Q14. For staff who have children will teachers have the option to work from home?
There is almost no daycare and we are well aware; however, staff need to come into work. I think about other people who have jobs in our community who have managed to find a way for childcare. Currently, until the Governor decides that teachers are essential workers and the district can help with childcare, I have to assume that you can find some form of childcare. We are expecting our teachers in school and we will be having conversation about staff changing hours if necessary and ways to be flexible.

Q15. Would our jobs be in jeopardy if we had to say we needed to go part-time? Could contracts be adjusted?
Many of our employees have this problem and I don’t know what is possible, yet. This situation is so crazy it doesn’t fit any contract. The governor stated in her executive order that people have to go back to work but what that looks like for different people, I am not sure. If an employee said I have to go part-time to be with my kids, I am not going to say that you have to rule that out.

Q16. Is the district going to provide a better online learning system, such as Blackboard Collaborate or are we going to have to teach via Google Meet again?
We are going to transition to Zoom as the primary video conferencing tool. We are also offering Seesaw as a K-6 tool this year. Google for Education and Seesaw are our primary learning management systems.

Q17. What will Title I look like for an employee?
Title I teachers and assistants will work together to deliver instruction but in a different way. Instead of going to the classroom to bring kids out, they will be contacting them to participate in an online format. We want assistants working in their normal capacity, remember that this is not Supplemental or DLFA. This is academic instruction and practice, we will still be doing an elementary math adoption.

Q18. Will Professional Development be differentiated by the needs of the teachers or will we be lumped together with the least common need?
Both. We will be providing overall aligned K-12 PD AND a menu driven model of PD designed for individual staff needs. We recognize that both are super important.

Q19. What is happening with Sports?
Currently we are watching and following OSAA guidelines. At the moment there are no sports but we will be updating things as we learn more. Currently, the guidance from OSAA is still to have students go and complete their Sports physicals since this is still a requirement when sports are allowed again.

Q20. Why are teachers going to be asked to be back in the building?
When the Governor gave us Executive order 2029, the state’s understanding was that there isn’t any reason why people are working from home anymore, they need to work from school. The comprehensive distance learning is not the same thing from what we did in the spring. There will be teaching every day. Students may not be able to receive it in real time but may have to get online when their parents get home. There will be more accountability. We don’t want this to start right off the bat, we want you to connect with each family in person, socially distanced. We are allowed to have 10 people in a room however, the details haven’t been worked out yet. The district will help provide teachers with ways to make them feel safe. For example, one teacher said she is willing to do in person meetings but needs a barrier to feel safe. While another asked if it was okay to meet later in the day instead of during the day if it works better for the parent? The answer to both requests is yes. If teachers need safety barriers we will work to have something in place. We will work to be flexible with parent meeting times. Parents have clearly said they did much better when they had more contact with the teachers. They have also requested training to help their kids get online. We want to do that during the first couple of weeks.

Q21. Requirements for live lessons? Accessibility for high school students as many will be caregivers for younger siblings?
We can’t picture requiring live lessons for secondary. Elementary students may be better able to do that. We promise flexibility. It can’t all be the same. Instruction will be provided both synchronously and asynchronously.

Q22. What will we do for people who are not healthy and safe to be in the building?
The reason we aren’t opening the building is because of the health and safety or our staff and students. Teachers who come into their classroom will be alone in their classroom unless having a meeting that will be socially distanced and safe. Teachers could meet in their classroom with other teachers to collaborate as long as social distancing measures are in place. If a staff member has an issue, the staff member will meet with Tiana Tucker, HR Director. If the staff member has restrictions given by a doctor then we will follow what the doctor says and work with the staff member on accommodations. If a person is too fearful to come into work with no medical reason, they will need to take leave.

Q23. Will we still get training and continued education on the most effective way of how to teach online?
There will be lots of professional development on distance learning. August 31st through September 3rd is inservice week. In small groups and following COVID safety guidelines, we are going to provide professional development. We also added 2 days of PD and prep time on Sept. 8th and 9th. We have a tech cadre and each building has a tech rep. Teachers develop the curriculum and students access everything online.

Q24. Will this be pass/fail or earning actual grades and high school credits?
This will not be pass/fail. It will be more rigorous and will have attendance requirements and be graded.

Q25. What is the plan for our homeless students?
The Homeless Coordinator has been working very hard during these covid times. She will continue to work individually with homeless students and families to make certain they receive high quality education.

Q26. What are we doing to communicate to parents the importance of attendance now since in the Spring we were very flexible?
Very important and it will require a lot of communication in a variety of ways. We receive ODE guidance August 11 specifically about attendance. Attendance counts now.

Q27. Is there a plan for how high needs populations for access online? For example, SLC students?
This guidance also comes out August 11. It is a huge concern for us.

Q28. How will we meet special education IEP needs? Minute’s remediation?
We will be able to give a better answer to this question after August 11th when we will receive guidance regarding Special Education.

Q29. What are the minutes for learning requirements for grades 2-6?
They are guided by the Oregon Administrative Rules in the Division 22 Standards portion. The Oregon Legislature is taking up the instructional minutes issue August 3-14 in Special Session. More to come.

Q30. Do our students have access to ebooks online that they could “check out” to read with Kindle or another app?
Sounds great to us! There are options via our district and school media centers. Our district librarian will provide details as we return to school.

Q31. Colt Gill said during the governor’s press conference that there may be up to 3 times the amount of PD than normal for preparing online. When will we have this training and will it be focused on the platforms we need to use? Will there be guidance on which platforms are preferred by the district?
We will begin specific PD around CDL August 31- Sept 4 inservice week and continue Sept 8 and 9. I believe that PD will be continuous throughout the school year and will need to be more intense.

Q32. When will school start?
Monday September 14th through Sept 25 teachers will be connecting and training parents, students and families about CDL. Sept 28 actual instruction begins.

Q33. What do we know about the schedule of furlough days?
There is a special session in early August where the legislators are asking for 9 billion to fund schools. If that comes through there won’t be any furlough days.

Q34. Are graduation requirements going to be adjusted?
Not at this time.

Q35. Will we still be offering dual credit courses?
YES Dual credit will continue, we are working with OCCC on these models.

Q36. Do we know if we will be using google meets for videos/meetings with kids or will we be using something better?
We will be using Zoom. Zoom is safe and has more communication and grouping capabilities than Google.

Q37. Is there any chance that SLC kiddos will come in person at all during those nine weeks?
Yes there is. The Governor gave some rural schools exceptions if you can do it safely by the numbers. Much more on this to come.

Q38. Do we know when the Playbook will arrive?
The Playbook will arrive to administrators in the next few weeks. We will let you know if you would like to pick it up before inservice week.

Q39. I want to know about the 3%. If there is a need for a high risk medical to remain online, will they be allowed to do that?
Absolutely! Anyone who can’t be at school due to medical high risk will stay online. We will be offering them the comprehensive online program but also the option of Edmentum which will be a permanent online option.

Q40. Parents will need a lot of technical support as well as educational support to encourage families to stay engaged with online learning, how do we plan to do this?
Teachers will be receiving a copy of a book called Distance Learning Playbook that is fantastic! Everyone gets the book. It has engagement ideas in it and your colleagues have fantastic ideas about what worked for them last spring.

Q41. For our parents and students that elect to move to homeschool or online charter school as their educational plan for this year. Has there been thought given to how we as a district might be able to entice them back to brick and mortar and public education when the quarantine is over?
We haven’t seen a lot signing up for homeschool at this point. We are hoping families will sign up anyone who is doing online learning but wants their child back in school so there won’t be a lot of enticing. NHS has a great reputation.

Q42. When we go hybrid what has been considered to fill the substitute need?
We work with ESS which is our substitute service company to provide substitutes and will continue to do that as normal. Teachers will be asked to provide 2 weeks of lesson plans for a substitute if by chance they happen to be out.

Q43. If we get a cold and shouldn’t come in physically to school for safety reasons, can we work from home without using sick days? Is the COVID 80 hours of sick leave good for the whole year?
If a teacher is out due to just being sick and the sickness is not COVID related it would be handled as normal and the teacher would need to use sick leave. However, if the illness is COVID related the teacher would have COVID leave (80 hours) that could be used.
I believe that it is only good until Dec 31 2020. Let’s keep watching that.

Q44. What is the plan for children who are in one cohort and they are mingling with children who are NOT in their cohort because they are in daycare?
We don’t control who they are with on their own time. It brings in another level of risk.

Please note we tried to combine questions that were similar to avoid duplications. However, if you feel your question was not captured feel free to email your question to rhea.warren@lincoln.k12.or.us and we will work to answer your questions, thank you.