Online Charter Schools & Home School Contact Information

Are you interested in other educational options outside of Lincoln County School District? Check out this 1-page information sheet that describes different Oregon Learning Options. There is often confusion about which programs are considered public, private, or home school options, and we hope this summary will help make these options clear. If you decide to pursue one of these options, here is the contact information you will need to communicate your intent to enroll outside of LCSD:

  • *Oregon Online Public Charter Schools: Email your transfer request to (preferred) or FAX to 541-265-3060 attn: Nancy King
  • Home School: Visit the LBL ESD Home School site for information
  • Private School: No need to notify LCSD; once enrolled, the private school can send a record request to your former LCSD school, if applicable

*Please note: At this time, Lincoln County School District has reached the 3% allotment for allowing online charter school enrollment, and we are not approving any transfer requests, per ORS 338.125(4). If you are interested in the LCSD Compass Online K-12 School, which is not an online charter school and therefore an excellent place for online learning as part of LCSD. If interested in Compass, please get in touch with Shannon Thurber for more information at 541-265-4280 or