Academic Year 20-21 Information

Welcome to the School Year 2020-21 which will be unlike any other back to school for us (and the nation). This page will be updated throughout the year as we do our best to keep you informed of how schools will operate under COVID-19. This is a big challenge for all of us and the more we work together to provide each other support, the more our children can be ready to learn in a positive environment.

The extent to which we all can meet the physical distancing and face-covering guidelines will reduce or increase our county metrics. 

Notice Regarding Online Charter School Enrollment for Fall 2020:

At this time, Lincoln County School District has reached the 3% allotment for allowing online charter school enrollment and we are not approving any transfer requests, per ORS 338.125(4)

LCSD will offer three models of education for our students:

Every Child, Every Day, Future Ready is not just Lincoln County School District’s motto. It is the focus and goal of every educator and staff member. Your child’s education is our passion, and helping your child to be a successful learner is our mission. 

NOTE: April 12 Secondary students will start hybrid. 

Monday, April 19, all students K-12 will be allowed to return full-time (4 days per week; asynchronous on Wednesday) on campus. 

At this time, online registration is open and we are offering the following educational options within Lincoln County School District: 

1. In-Person Instructional Model (K-12) – NOTE: As of Monday, April 19, all students K-12 will be able to return to campus for in-person school full-time (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with Wednesday as asynchronous learning). Secondary students will enter hybrid the week prior on Monday, April 12 and then also switch to the full-time the week after. 

  • 4 days of in-person instruction on campus per week
  • Online learning during off-campus days, via Google suite (Google classroom, SeeSaw, Gmail, etc.) or paper packet
  • Required technology device provided to all students
  • Quality whole group and small group direct instruction led by building teachers
  • Health/Safety guidelines for in-person instruction in place to meet criteria established by the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Education, and Lincoln County Health Department 
  • *Individuals at high risk (medical documentation required) and/or students who are under isolation/quarantine orders and are unable to attend on-site classes will be able to access instruction from home
    • synchronously with peers to the extent possible
    • asynchronously via Google suite (Google classroom, Gmail, etc.) 

2. Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). K-12 

Students access learning online with their LCSD teachers daily, with materials for activities provided as needed. (Live instruction Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; asynchronous work on Wednesday)

  • More robust, has more accountability, and more in-depth educational requirements than the Distance Learning we provided in spring. 
  • Student work is graded, attendance is taken, and teachers provide daily instruction from their classroom.

3. K-12 Online Edmentum Program 

  • K-12 curriculum aligned to CCSS, NGSS, and Oregon State Standards that is fully online
  • Flexible scheduling to meet family needs; Self-paced curriculum allows students to accelerate their learning and review when needed
  • Progress monitoring capabilities for parents
  • E-Learning team works w/student to monitor progress, provide course guidance counseling, and address questions or concerns
  • Ability to participate in community nights and other school-sponsored events
  • Access to school counselors and social and emotional learning groups and curriculum

Please note:

  • To ensure continuity in teaching & learning, students will only be able to move between Edmentum and our CDL and In-person programs at specific 9-week grading periods unless there is an exception due to high-risk medical documentation.

Addressing the educational needs of students, as well as their health and safety, is important to all of us at Lincoln County School District. We are available to meet with you to address any concerns or obstacles to your child’s education. Working together, we can help your student achieve educational success.

Enroll Your Student

Students will only be able to move between these programs at specific 9-week grading periods unless there is an exception due to high-risk medical documentation.

PSA: Protocols for In-Person Hybrid

External Link

In-person Hybrid Rollout for 20-21

For ALL students, any changes to the student’s current instructional model for Term 4 must be decided by Wednesday, April 14.

As we review the updated protocols for in-person instruction, we know there is much to consider before transitioning into an in-person learning model for all students. Our Blueprint for Reopening guidance documents (on our website) must be followed and implemented per the new RSSL updated guidance. We have staggered the return of students in order to ensure a careful and systematic approach. Student and staff safety is essential to us, and we want to do this as carefully as we can and still have our kids back in school successfully.  


All parents need to make sure that they have updated their schools with their children’s most up-to-date medical information.

Also, parents need to update their schools with the most up-to-date contact information for each of their children.

We are very explicitly watching for these primary COVID-19 symptoms every day at school: Cough, fever (temperature of 100.4°F or higher) or chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or new loss of taste or smell. If your child has any of these symptoms (unrelated to a chronic condition) you will need to come to get your child right away. Please keep your child home if they have any signs of an infectious disease.

K-6 Edmentum Webpage

LCSD Families, are you new to the Edmentum Program? View orientation materials, attendance materials, and other information on the LCSD Online School Edmentum K-6 webpage.

7-12 Edmentum Webpage

LCSD Families, are you new to the Edmentum Program? View orientation materials, attendance materials, and other information on the LCSD Online School Edmentum 7-12 webpage.