Wildfire Support Resources

On-Campus Waiver for Fire-Displaced Students Eligibility Survey

Lincoln County School District has been granted a waiver through the Oregon Department of Education to bring students currently displaced by the fire back to a school campus to do their virtual online classes.

Survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKanZuEIRyk0Z-qMRhYJMEQ80s4cC_LhxNhWZ2_sCHq02rSQ/viewform

For students and families displaced by the fire & wind disaster, we are working on a grant to provide support. Please take this brief survey to help us understand needs, or call our HELP Center at 541-996-4878. Thank you.

Survey link: https://forms.gle/bpHQvxbFT9VExAgP8

Fire Evacuee Resources English

Fire Evacuee Resources Spanish

If you have any resource information to contribute please share by calling 541-265-4506 or email Katey Townsend