Homeless Education & Literacy Project (HELP)

Who is Eligible?

During the 2017-18 school year, over 1,000 children birth to 12th grade were identified as lacking stable housing in Lincoln County. Included in that number were 825 students in the K-12 schools which accounts for 15% of the student population. These students were eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act that helps them stay in school and succeed.

A student and/or their family are considered eligible for the HELP Program if they are living:

  • In an emergency or transitional shelter
  • In a motel or hotel
  • In cars, campgrounds, RV parks, abandoned buildings or an uninhabitable dwelling
  • With relatives, friends or others (including grandparents) due to economic hardship, loss of housing or a similar reason

What the Program Provides

The HELP Program works with students and/or their family to eliminate the barriers related to school attendance and success. The program can provide:

  • Assistance with school fees
  • Access to free meal programs
  • School supplies
  • Access to donated school clothes
  • Information/help with transportation
  • After-school programs
  • Tutoring and homework help
  • Early childhood and parent programs
  • Referrals to numerous community resources

HELP Centers

There are four HELP Centers that provide resources and educational programs to all students:

Contact the local HELP advocate for information on hours and programs at each site.

Volunteer Opportunities

In order to maximize support and services to our students, volunteers are needed at the HELP Centers. We have a variety of opportunities to fit the schedules and interests of our community volunteers.

  • Tutors & Homework Helpers
  • LIFT Buddies (Early Childhood/Parent Program)
  • Collect/organize resource donations
  • Backpack Program volunteers (Toledo/Eddyville)
  • Read & Feed
  • Job opportunities for youth (JOY) – Job shadows and guest speakers
  • Teach a class or a workshop
  • General support
  • Special events & fundraising

Become a Volunteer

HELP Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Home Provider

If Lincoln Country residents are interested in becoming a volunteer home provider for homeless Lincoln County High School students, please visit out partner organization, Second Home:

Second Home Website

Summer School Based Health Center

Newport School Based Health Center at Newport High will continue to see kids, families, and adults over the summer!

Summer Meals

2018 Summer Meal Sites

Referral & Contact

Please deliver the referral form to a HELP advocate below:

Homeless Referral Form

South County HELP Advocate

Kristi Anderson 
Student Advocate
Phone: 541-563-8584
Email: kristi.anderson@lincoln.k12.or.us

Denise Dean
Community Outreach Specialist
Phone: 541-563-8584
Email: denise.dean@lincoln.k12.or.us

East County HELP Advocate

Debbie Haverland
Student Advocate
Phone: 541-336-4357
Email: debbie.haverland@lincoln.k12.or.us

Blake Hutchison
Community Outreach Specialist
Phone: 541-336-4357
Email: blake.hutchison@lincoln.k12.or.us

West County HELP Advocate

Alexis Steenkolk
Student Advocate
Phone: 541-574-5824
Email: alexis.steenkolk@lincoln.k12.or.us

Marisa Dean
Community Outreach Specialist / JOY Program Student Advocate
Phone: 541-574-5824
Email: marisa.dean@lincoln.k12.or.us

North County HELP Advocate

Shelly Kingston
Student Advocate
Phone: 541-996-4878
Email: shelly.kingston@lincoln.k12.or.us

Amber Swope
Community Outreach Specialist
Phone: 541-996-4878
Email: amber.swope@lincoln.k12.or.us

Homeless Program Coordinator

Katey Townsend
Phone: 541-265-4506
Email: katey.townsend@lincoln.k12.or.us

Donate Online

If you would like to donate to the HELP Program, please visit the link below (First, select District Office, then select HELP Program.):

Donate Now