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17-18 News & Events

68 newly hired teachers and licensed staff members were welcomed to Lincoln County School District this week during an intensive two and a half-day induction held at Newport High School.

Among the hired staff are a new school psychologist, three speech language pathologists, six counselors and 57 teachers.

Not only did these new employees become acquainted with the various systems and procedures used in the school district, they came away with the knowledge and tools to ensure a strong start to the new school year for every child.

One important change from years past is that each new licensed staff member will have an additional full day and one half day spent with the principal at the building where they will be teaching. This will allow them to have a much better feel for the unique content and leadership style set out in their assigned school and give them a chance to settle in before the first day of school.

The new teachers/licensed staff members are:

Oceanlake Elementary School: Mariah Castro, Ashley Craig, Erin Freel, Kasandra Gile, Jordan Ilett, Sarah Maltezo, Staci Murillo, Kaylie Senger, Josh Vredenburg, and Rebekah White.
Taft Elementary School: Jessica Bailey, Ken Ellenberg, Sherman Fike, Donne Ingalls, Megan Millard, and Karin Teisl.
Taft 7-12 High School: Lauren Arntt, Cody Baldridge, Jason Clemens, Joshua Liner, Cynthia Magallanes, Kristen McKinnon, Alisha Powell, Sara Pursel, and Karissa Snelling.

Yaquina View Elementary School: Jodi Hamre, Alex Price.
Sam Case Elementary School: Stacia Fletcher, Kaylee Madison, Makenna Maurer, Anthony Miceli, and Samantha Sugar.
Newport Middle School: Michelle Deeg-Davis, Amanda Kennedy, Margarita Nilsen, Jennifer Sain, and Karole Vesnaugh-Picket.
Newport High School: Samantha Gould, Naomi Hill, and Stephen Larsen.

Eddyville Charter School: Laura Hickman.
Toledo Elementary School: Justin Barron, Bonnie La Tendresse, Talisha Liles, Willa Martin, Janice Venture, and Mary Wallace.
Toledo Jr/Sr High School: Sergio Cano-Soto, Karen Huhn, Carisa Ketchen, Rose Haylie, and Joshua Singer.

Crestview Heights School: Melissa Alberti-Araujo, Jennifer Beltz, Wendy Bramble, Sarah Harris, Laura Horan, Natalie Knight, and Jill Taglia.
Waldport High School: Amy Bryant, Timothy Chase, Joseph Harris, and Kari Weileder.


North Area licensed staff attending the LCSD induction are, front row, from left, Megan Millard, Sarah Maltezo, Cindy Magallanes, Mariah Castro, Kasandra Gile, Jessica Bailey, second row, Lauren Arntt, Alisha Powell, Sara Pursel, Staci Murillo, Jordan Ilett, Karin Teisl, , Josh Vredenburg, third row, Karissa Snelling, Dee Donaldson, Amanda Kennedy, Kristen McKinnon, Rebekah White, Erin Freel, Donne Ingalls, back row, Sherman Fike, Jason Clemens, Cody Baldridge, Kaylie Senger, Megan Lupo, Josh Liner,

West Area licensed staff attending the LCSD induction are, front row, from left, Sam Sugar, Makenna Maurer, Jodi Hamre, Jennifer Sain, Samantha Gould, Kaylee Madison; back row, Amanda Kennedy, Karole Pickett, Michelle Deeg-Davis, Steve Larsen, Tony Miceli, Stacia Fletcher, Margarita Nilsen, Naomi Hill,

East Area licensed staff attending the LCSD induction are, front row, from left, Amanda Kennedy, Bonnie LaTendresse, Carisa Ketchen, Karen Huhn, Laura Hickman, Haylie Rose; back row, Willa Martin, Justin Barron, Janice Venture, Sergio Cano-Soto, Rachael Wallace, Talisha Liles, Josh Singer,

South Area licensed staff attending the LCSD induction are, front row, from left, Laura Horan, Jill Taglia, Natalie Knight, Jennifer Beltz, Kari Weileder; back row, Sarah Harris, Wendy Bramble, Joe Harris, Tim Chase, Missy Alberti-Araujo