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I Can Be Ready for Kindergarten

What is Kindergarten readiness?

It’s important for children to enter kindergarten knowing their ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors. But there are equally – if not more – important skills that prepare your child(ren) or the child(ren) you care for, to succeed in school. Raising an eager learner is the goal, and it can be achieved easily through play and day-to-day activities. Parents and caregivers are children’s first and most important teachers. The following statements are goals you and your child can work toward together to prepare for success in school.

Some things to remember that will help you and your child work towards these goals-

Here are readiness skills that will help your kindergarten student be successful:

Early Literacy

  1. I can hold a book upright and turn the pages.
  2. I can use my finger to follow along printed words from left to right and top to bottom.
  3. I can recognize 11 upper or lower case letters.
  4. I can produce the sound for 11 letters.
  5. I can tell the difference between numbers and letters.
  6. I can recognize and write my own name.
  7. I can make and recognize rhymes.
  8. I can listen to a short story and re-tell the beginning, middle, and end.
  9. I can listen to and understand short stories, and answer questions about them.
  10. I can clearly express my thoughts and needs using words in a sentence.
  11. I can talk about things I am doing now, things I did yesterday, and things I will do tomorrow.
Families can:

Looking for ways to help your child work on these skills? Letters and Sounds: Click here.
Talking Together: Click here. Books: Click here.


  1. I can count to 20.
  2. I can identify written numbers from 0-10.
  3. I can count 10 objects.
  4. I can use quantity words such as: more, less, and none when comparing groups of objects.
  5. I can identify “first” and “last” in a row or line.
  6. I can make a simple pattern using objects, pictures, sounds, or movements.
  7. I can use comparison words: bigger, longer, taller, heavier, etc.
  8. I can sort objects by color, shape, size, function, etc…
  9. I can explain where things are using words like: up, under, and beside.
  10. I can name four basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle).

Looking for ways to help your child work on these skills? Math Relationships: Click here. Numbers Count: Click here. Playing with Shapes, Patterns and Sorting: Click here.

Families can:


  1. I can take care of myself and my belongings (put-on/take-off shoes, use restroom, put on/put away coat, blow my nose using a tissue, pick up my toys.)
  2. I can complete tasks that involve two or more steps.
  3. I can concentrate on a task and am not easily distracted.
  4. I can share toys and materials with my peers.
  5. I can take turns.
  6. I can wait.
  7. I can follow directions the first time I am told.
Families can:

I can be ready for kindergarten!

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