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Take a Stand on The Land Featured in Valley Reporter

Warren Elementary School, Vermont

Eaton Forum 1
The panel of Warren town officials at the forum on November 9th, from left to right, Margo Wade, Damon Reed, Dan Raddock, Kirsten Reilly and Andy Cunningham.

Katie Sullivan’s Take a Stand on the Land project was featured in the Valley Reporter, a Vermont local newspaper. A forum held at the Warren School on November 9th was featured in the story. Rachel Goff from the Valley Reporter writes: 

“At the forum, which took place in the Warren Elementary School gymnasium, students in grades three through six took turns asking questions about Eaton Forest before a panel of elected town officials. While many of their questions (“What will happen to all of the animals on the land?”) elicited smiles, they also demanded careful, thoughtful responses. What would happen to all of the animals if the town ever chose to develop the land?”

Read the Full Story:   Students weigh in on the fate of Eaton Forest

Following this forum, students will be asked to form an opinion, take a side, and write a persuasive argument for what should be done with the land. We look forward to seeing what position Katie’s students take. 

>> Read more about the Take a Stand on the Land project.

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