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Kids ‘School’ the Board of Education:
A World Showcase in Wyoming

Teachers: Laurie Graves & Lamont Clabaugh

Project: The Then and Now of Sheridan County

Overview: Laurie Graves and Lamont Clabaugh’s 3rd grade classes were invited by the superintendent to “show and tell” their continent project to the board of education for their November 20th district board meeting. 

Featured Tools: student-created QR Codes & adult attendee's Smart Phones. 

Board Presentations Continent Project 01

On November 20th about 90% of the students came back to school with parents in tow. As the board came in, Laurie welcomed all with a brief overview of the project, explained the New Learning Institute’s Model Classroom partnership, and then turned it over to the kids.

“It was beyond amazing because [the students] just took off!” - Laurie.

The students shared their research of their continents, how they used various technologies to record audio, share it online, and how they used QR codes to embed their audio reports into their maps. The board members then spread out among the students to experience their projects. The students also took the board members into the classroom and shared how they were using wikispaces for their weekly reading prompts, along with other sites that they’ve posted on their third grade wall. 

  Board Presentations Continent Project 03 

  Board Presentations Continent Project 05

We were blown away and the board and parents were very impressed 
with how well the students presented and interacted with the technology!”
 - Laurie

How do we understand our corner of the world?

Laurie and Lamont’s 3rd graders are starting with the really big picture. . . .

The continent project is a foundation to The Then and Now of Sheridan County project. Starting with a study of the continents of the world, Laurie and Lamont’s 3rd graders will then transition into learning about their own heritage along with the local history and culture. To get a more in-depth study of the seven continents, students divided the work into teams and developed presentations to teach their classmates about each continent. Students were given a specific area and continent to focus on and then were provided resources to research their particular focus. After organizing their notes into paragraphs, students recorded their findings using Soundcloud, attached them to a QR code, along with a picture of an animal taken at the local museum and incorporated them to a wall map that other students created. These maps were printed out like puzzle pieces and students had to fit them together, glue them down, color the maps, and then find supporting pictures from the Geographic magazines to create cut-aways. Once these maps were completed, they were hung in the hallways to share with visitors, other teachers and students in the school. 



“It was so amazing to see how excited the kids were to present their own work to someone they have never met before. They really took off with it and was proud of their work. As the project continues, the kids are so interested in their community and how it evolved. They are real detectives in figuring out where they came from and how Sheridan county came to be.”

- Lamont Clabaugh

Posted on 12/19/2012