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LCSD Title VI: Indian Education

Title VII Indian Education is a federally-funded program through the Lincoln County School District that has served Native students grades kindergarten through 12 since 1975. Students from tribes of Alaska and the U.S. are included (yes, there are Natives in Canada and Mexico but they aren’t covered by this program, with certain exceptions). In order to be served, parents need to fill out a special Indian Education Enrollment Form for each of their Native children in school and submit it to their school. You only need to fill it out once for the student’s entire school career.

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Clint Raever, Principal, Toledo Jr./Sr. High and Indian Education Administrator
Phone- 541 336-5104;

Crystal Taylor, Coordinator and Specialist for Newport, Toledo and Waldport Schools
Phone- 541-265-9281, ex. 247;

Tasha Rilatos, Specialist for Siletz, Eddyville and Lincoln City Schools
Phone: (
541) 336-5104;


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  • Everyone needs to fill out this: The FAFSA, an application for federal student aid, is the first step. Apply for a PIN ahead of time (student and parent both apply, get different numbers which will be linked. Write it down somewhere as you will use it all through college.) Submit it, using last year's tax info if you must, as early in January as possible. Put in this year's tax info later, once it's completed.

  1. Local/state scholarships:
    1. Oregon Student Assistance Commission: administers many of the Oregon Community Foundation scholarships:
  1. Tribal Higher Ed. Support [for any tribally based scholarships, the student needs to first fill out the FAFSA and submit it to the federal government. Students are well-advised to seek out whatever scholarships they qualify for in addition to tribal money, as there are always more expenses than will be covered. All tribally-based scholarships require that the student themselves be an enrolled tribal member.]
    • For Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma tribal members:
      Generally, any tribal member applying who also qualifies for a PELL grant & who lives out of Oklahoma will get tribal support of $1,000 per semester for which the student must offer community service of 1 hour/$100 of aid.
    • For Siletz tribal members:
      The Tribe will cover, for an in-state public institution, tuition, fees, books & supplies or the unmet need, whichever is less, after the student has applied for federal and school aid.

  2. Scholarships worth looking at:
    1. QuestBridge College Match
down arrow Researching Indian Heritage

These are some helpful webpages for researching Indian ancestry. They are all free.