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Homeless Education & Literacy Project

Arrow Homeless Referral Form
        (Please deliver to a HELP advocate listed below)

Contact Information

South County HELP Advocate
Student Advocate:
Marisa Dean
Community Outreach Specialist:
Denise Dean
Phone: 541-563-8584
Email: Marisa Dean; Denise Dean

East County HELP Advocate
Student Advocate:
Debbie Haverland
Community Outreach Specialist:
Haylie Rose
Phone: 541-336-4357
Email: Debbie Haverland; Haylie Rose

West County HELP Advocate
Student Advocate:
Alexis Steenkolk
Community Outreach Specialist:
Ashley Anderson
Phone: 541-574-5824
Email: Alexis Steenkolk; Ashley Anderson

North County HELP Advocate
Student Advocate:
Shelly Kingston
Community Outreach Specialist:
Shiana Weaver
Phone: 541-996-4878
Email: Shelly Kingston; Shiana Weaver

Homeless Program Coordinator:
Name: Katey Townsend
Phone: 541-265-4506
Email: Katey Townsend

Homeless family living at a camp site
Homeless family living at a campsite


Who is Eligible?

During the 2015-16 school year, 970 students birth to 12th grade were identified as homeless in Lincoln County. Included in that number were 772 students in the K-12 schools which accounts for 14.5% of the student population. This is the highest number in Lincoln County's history.

Eligible students receive services to help them stay in school and succeed. A student and/or their family are considered homeless if they are living:

What the Program Provides

The HELP Program works with students and/or their family to eliminate the barriers related to school attendance and success. The program can provide:

HELP Centers

There are four Family Literacy & HELP Centers that provide resources and educational programs to all students:

Volunteer Opportunities

In order to maximize support and services to our students, volunteers are needed at the HELP Centers. We have a variety of opportunities to fit the schedules and interests of our community volunteers.