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Ocean Literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

The Lincoln County School District is committed to building on the strengths of its communities to provide students with opportunities to be the best-prepared oceanic science students in the country. Click here to learn more about our Ocean Literacy Initiatve. We also focus on using our coastal resources and partners to provide outstanding STEM learning opportunities for our students.

We are fortunate to have many Ocean Literacy partners. Click on each to go to their website. For contact information specifically regarding partnership activities with LCSD, click here.

Since August, 2009, LCSD has been the recipient of two U.S. Department of Education Math Science Partnership grants that provide over 80 hours per year of Ocean STEM related professional development for our teachers, and exciting field based learning experiences for our students. Go to each project’s website for more information and resources.

Oregon Coast Regional STEM Education Center (2012-2014)

Oregon Coast Aquatic & Marine Science Partnership (OCAMP) (2009-2013)

Visual and Performing Arts

Lincoln County schools have a strong arts community interested in supporting the arts programs in all schools. Through fundraising and grant efforts led by Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, Let There Be Arts, Newport Visual Arts Center and the Newport Symphony, Lincoln County Schools have had opportunities that include: Artist-in-residence programs; Student opportunities to perform with musicians; Visiting musician performances (such as Sea String Quartet); and Theater and cultural dance performances.

Contact Information:

Libba Sager, Special Programs Administrator
phone: (541) 265-4402